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Management a hospodaření muzeí

Management a hospodaření muzeí

[Management and the economics of museums]

Ochrana, František Plaček, Michal Půček, Milan Jan Šimčík, Antonín

subjects: economics and finance

paperback, 244 pp., 1. edition
published: march 2018
ISBN: 978-80-246-3638-2
recommended price: 290 czk



This book examines museum management, presenting museum as a cultural institution which may be analyzed from historical, museological, cultural, functional, sociological, statistical, economic, managerial, marketing and administrative perspectives.
In addition to a theoretical merit, this book has practical uses as well – the theoretical conclusions based on empirical research into the management of museums may serve as a source of information useful for fulfilling the tasks museums have been charged with through the legislation, how to efficiently protect and make use of their collections, how to work economically with the budget and assets of the museum, how to motivate and lead their employees, and efficient presentation and marketing of the museum. Last but not least, the research outcomes may also be used as a source of information for those who propose new laws concerning founding and management of museums and their economics.