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Dramatické konflikty Bible

Dramatické konflikty Bible

[Dramatic Conflicts in the Bible]

Novotný, David Jan

subjects: religion

paperback, 294 pp., 1. edition
published: october 2005
ISBN: 80-246-1026-4
recommended price: 250 czk



This publication with the subhead "a very distant attempt at midrash or several practical lessons on dramaturgy" contains several interconnected levels following naturally from the word "midrash", which includes both the method of the Torah and the literature included in it. This book presents several rudimentary Old-Testament stories and especially their characters - for example Eve and Adam, Cain and Abel, Abraham, Jacob, Esau or Leah and Rachel. The second level is closely connected to the author's profession of dramaturg, playwright, university professor and writer. It brings dramaturgic evaluation and interpretation of selected stories, which serve as material to document dramatic conflict. Thanks to its clear and lively language, the book will find a wide circle of readers, and not only among Hebraists, theologians, students of scriptwriting and dramaturgy, for whom it was originally intended.