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Gymnastika jako tvůrčí akt

Gymnastika jako tvůrčí akt

[Gymnastics as a Creative Art]

Novotná, Viléma a kol.

subjects: sports and physical education, sports and physical education – pedagogy

paperback, 138 pp., 1. edition
published: august 2012
ISBN: 978-80-246-2116-6
recommended price: 155 czk



The monograph "Gymnastics as a Creative Art" systematizes new approaches to the creation of musical kinetic compositions, viewing the problem not only from the aspects of physical education and sports, but also the artistic. It focuses on the creative aspects of gymnastics and on the original presentation of gymnastic subjects in the form of kinetic compositions. The sociological roots of this unique production, just as its aesthetic, psychological and pedagogical aspects, show the similarity of this phenomenon with artistic creativity. The creative process is documented by a pedagogical experiment in the instruction of modernized musical kinetic education and is supported by comprehensive discussion based on extensive research in world literature. The subject of the monograph is a specific contribution to the area of scientific research and specialized interest in kinanthropology.