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Inovační procesy v české a bulharské jazykové situaci

Inovační procesy v české a bulharské jazykové situaci

[Innovative Processes in the Czech and Bulgarian Languages]

Niševa, Božana

subjects: linguistics
series: Studia Philologica Pragensia

paperback, 184 pp., 1. edition
published: october 2014
ISBN: 978-80-246-2239-2
recommended price: 190 czk



This monograph is devoted to contemporary lexical and word-formation dynamics in two genetically related, yet typologically different languages, Czech and Bulgarian, which are spoken in geographically distant territories. Considering the fact that media hold a central position in modern public communication, the confrontational analysis focuses on lexical and world-formation means typical for the language of the media. Specific (linguistic) discourses and results of innovative processes are approached in relation to typological dispositions of the Czech and Bulgarian linguistic systems.

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