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Latinská lékařská terminologie

Latinská lékařská terminologie

[Medical terminology in Latin]

Nečas, PavelSchánělová, EvaČebišová, Klára

subjects: language textbooks, medicine

hardcover, 350 pp., 2. edition
published: july 2024
ISBN: 978-80-246-5748-6
recommended price: 360 czk



This book, compiled for students of general medicine, is appropriate for use in language classes as well as for home study. It aims to present the grammatical and lexical basics necessary for theoretical and pre-clinical disciplines as well as for clinical fields, focusing primarily on the grammar of Latin nouns and adjectives, presenting an exposition of basic phenomena of Latin and Greek word formation and an introduction to Latin formulas. The latter might also offer useful information to the lay readers familiar with the topic.
The book also includes information on pronunciation, grammatical categories and the basic structure of medical terms in Latin. All grammatical and lexical phenomena are illustrated by examples from authentic texts, including anatomy textbooks, the hospital information system, clinical reports and case studies. The book also contains a glossary of medical terms in Latin.