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Vývoj odívání v pravěku a starověku

Vývoj odívání v pravěku a starověku

[Trends in Clothing in Prehistory and Antiquity]

Navrátilová, Jarmila

subjects: history, archaeology, anthropology and ethnography

paperback, 622 pp., 1. edition
published: november 2022
ISBN: 978-80-246-4563-6
recommended price: 750 czk



Jarmila Navrátilová’s book presents the development of clothing in the oldest times. It focuses on the early stage of clothing production, the techniques used in their processing, the gradual changes in shapes as well as the changing way of dressing – from clothing covering the body to provide warmth and simple types of stitched clothes to often luxurious ancient fashion. The book outlines the long process of improving the functionality of clothes as well as the variety of solutions invented by different cultures and ethnicities. Using archaeological findings and preserved art works, the scholar provides hundreds of illustrations of the clothing of people in prehistory and antiquity in Europe, Asia and Africa.