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(Ne)udržitelný rozvoj. Ekologie - hrozba i naděje.

(Ne)udržitelný rozvoj. Ekologie - hrozba i naděje.

[(Un)sustainable Development. Ecology ? Threat and Hope]

Moldan, Bedřich

subjects: science – environment

paperback, 142 pp., 2. edition
published: november 2003
ISBN: 80-246-0769-7
recommended price: 145 czk



This volume comprises articles by Bedřich Moldan dealing with the issue of mankind on the Earth and its relations to the environment. The author explains various perspectives on the fundamentals of ecology, the development of relations of humans to the environment, problems of irreversible ecological changes on Earth, and basic aspects of the conflict between economic and ecological policies. At the same time, Prof. Moldan explains how the need of sustainable development shows in human activities. The volume consists of more than a hundred articles, all united by the author?s call ?not to live on the account of the others?.