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Teorie obrazu

Teorie obrazu

Eseje o verbální a vizuální reprezentaci

[Picture Theory]

Mitchell, W. J. T.

subjects: photography and film, aesthetics
series: Visual Culture

paperback, 478 pp., 1. edition
translation: Hanus, Ondřej - Chlumská, Lucie - Průchová, Andrea
published: may 2017
ISBN: 978-80-246-3202-5
recommended price: 450 czk



This book, a collection of essays, focuses on individual aspects of the relationship of a text and an image. Mitchell analyzes pictorial and verbal representations, the connection between image and language, all documented on a broad range of practical examples from daily life. Mitchell approaches images (and not just these) from an interdisciplinary perspective: his main argument supporting this multidisciplinary view is based on the concern that that a thorough linguistic interpretation of images in fact precludes their deeper understanding. What makes the texts attractive is that they bring effortlessly together William Blake, the Jurassic Park dinosaurs, Nelson Goodman, a CNN life broadcast, Spike Lee, Erwin Panofsky and a film by Oliver Stone.
We could simply say that the Picture Theory promotes visual literacy. In his text, Mitchell comes to the conclusion that although we cannot defy the images that surround us, we can understand them better thus making the world a better place.
This book is an apt door to the world of images, a tool and an aid for better understanding of the visual elements of the world we live in.

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