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Německá (Karlova) univerzita od Mnichova k 9. květnu 1945

Německá (Karlova) univerzita od Mnichova k 9. květnu 1945

[The German (Charles) University from the Munich Treaty to May 9, 1945]

Míšková, Alena

subjects: history – 20th century, Charles University

paperback, 333 pp., 1. edition
published: march 2002
ISBN: 80-246-0129-X
recommended price: 325 czk



In this publication describing the development of the German University in Prague in the years 1939?45, the author elaborately notes its gradual "cleansing" and "Gleichschaltung" - unification in the sense of Nazi ideology. She describes, in detail, the radical replacement of the university?s top administration and entire staff of professors, the activities of the Reinhard Heydrich Foundation for Scientific Research and the establishment of so-called Eastern studies and related racial ?research? at the university. The biograms of professors who worked at the German University in the years 1940-45 are outlined in the appendix, clearly presenting the impact of Nazi ideology on the university and the individual academics.