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Srdeční selhání

Srdeční selhání

[Heart failure]

Málek, FilipMálek, Ivan

subjects: medicine, medicine – cardiology

paperback, 86 pp., 2. edition
published: august 2018
ISBN: 978-80-246-3823-2
recommended price: 115 czk



The textbook entitle Heart Failure presents a systematic summary of the epidemiology, etiology, diagnostics and treatment of chronic heart failure. It aims to accentuate poor prognosis in patients, the necessity of timely diagnosing and start of therapy. It also includes the current view of the organization of care for patients with heart failure and presents a systematic overview of current palliative care.
This second edition includes new information in pathophysiology, pharmacotherapy, and modern methods of instrument and surgical treatment.
This book is intended for students interested in internal medicine and cardiology. However, given the increasing occurrence of heart failure in the population, it is likely that in addition to cardiologists, internists and general practitioners, also doctors in other medical fields will treat patients with heart failure.