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How Do We Think. A Survey of the Ways of Reasoning.

How Do We Think. A Survey of the Ways of Reasoning.

Macek, Josef

subjects: economics and finance

paperback, 292 pp., 1. edition
published: december 2006
ISBN: 80-246-1179-1
recommended price: 295 czk



Professor Josef Macek (1887-1972) was an important inter-war period economist, a leading personality of Czech Keynesianism. He became famous thanks to his polemics with the economist and minister of finance Karel Engliš on the questions of monetary and budget policy at the time of the economic crisis. After his emigration in 1948, he taught economics at the University of Pittsburg. This essay from the end of Macek's career, published for the first time, deals with the social-science methodology with special emphasis on the education to critical thinking. The work is published in the original English version.

table of contents

Foreword by Vladimír Benáček, the editor
Preface by Josef Macek
Part I
Chapter 1. The Burden of Proof. The Admissibility of Proof
Chapter 2. Survey of the Kinds of Proof
Chapter 3. Proof of Logical Consistence
Chapter 4. Proof of Facts
Chapter 5. Proof of Values
Part II
Chapter 6. Proof by Logic
Chapter 7. Proof by Experience
Chapter 8. Proof by Authority
Chapter 9. Proof by Analogy
Chapter 10. Proof by Consensus and Tradition
Chapter 11. Proof by Miracle. On Cabala
Chapter 12. Proof by Sacrifice, Martyrdom and Death
Chapter 13. Proof by Silence
Chapter 14. Proof by Definition
Chapter 15. Proof by Statistics
Chapter 16. Sophistical Proofs
Part III
Chapter 17. Proof in the Perspective of History
Thanks due
Curriculum Vitae of Josef Macek
The Publications of Josef Macek