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Vývoj krajiny Novodvorska a Žehušicka ve středních Čechách

Vývoj krajiny Novodvorska a Žehušicka ve středních Čechách

[Landscape Development in Nové Dvory and Žehušice Districts in Central Bohemia]

Lipský, Zdeněk a kol.

subjects: science – environment

paperback, 204 pp., 1. edition
published: june 2011
ISBN: 978-80-246-1905-7
recommended price: 285 czk



This richly illustrated book presents the historical development of the old cultural landscape in Central Bohemia, located approximately on the territory of the former Nové Dvory and Žehušice demesnes (today's Kutná Hora district), in which many traces of purposeful landscape alterations from the baroque and classical eras have been preserved. The monograph strives to evaluate landscape development in 18th-20th centuries as this period witnessed intensive changes, whose analysis is facilitated by historic maps as well as their processing in the environment of the geographical information system. This publication is unique for its theme as well as an interdisciplinary approach: it presents the results of a common work of experts from natural sciences, humanities, technologies as well as art theory and history disciplines. The book is intended not only for experts, but also for anybody interested in the history of our landscape.