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Úvod do scholastické teologie

Úvod do scholastické teologie

[Introduction to scholastic theology]

Leinsle, Ulrich G.

subjects: religion, history – medieval, history – early modern

paperback, 424 pp., 1. edition
translation: Pokorný, Martin
published: november 2020
ISBN: 978-80-246-4767-8
recommended price: 490 czk



Scholastic theology has been dominant as a distinctive method of processing and passing on theological material at universities from their inception to the threshold of modern times. It is inescapable for those dealing with the spiritual world of the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Age will avoid meeting it: theologians will be more interested in the thought processes and content of scholastic treatises, cultural historians in the external framework of school administration, but both will appreciate a handbook that is clear and reasonable and introduces the development and diversity forms of scholastic theology while maintaining a reasonable scope. Leinsle's book performs this task well and reliably, as evidenced by the translations into English and Hungarian that have already been published.