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Ad Fontes Cursus Latinus

Ad Fontes Cursus Latinus

Kuťáková, EvaSlabochová, Dana

subjects: language textbooks

paperback, 344 pp., 5. edition
published: may 2020
ISBN: 978-80-246-4603-9
recommended price: 305 czk



AD FONTES – CURSUS LATINUS was written by two experienced university educators. This Latin textbook for university courses in humanities presents texts by Latin authors in original versions. The progression from ancient, medieval to later texts facilitates knowledge of literature in historical succession. The publication is divided into two levels – cursus I and cursus II – with the study of Latin morphology and syntax being the unifying element.
A number of different, organic exercises facilitate the understanding of Latin words, the mastery of rich vocabulary and the perception of their further lives in the general cultural layer of modern languages. It also helps students acquire solid basic knowledge of Latin morphology and an understanding of the structure of Latin sentences and clauses. The authors also emphasize the aspects of reading comprehension, i.e., obtaining key information from texts before translating them into the mother tongue.