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Klinická neuropsychologie v praxi

Klinická neuropsychologie v praxi

[Clinical Neuropsychology in Practice]

Kulišťák, Petr a kol.

subjects: medicine, medicine – neuropsychology

paperback, 1070 pp., 2. edition
published: february 2024
ISBN: 978-80-246-5197-2
recommended price: 550 czk



The second, updated and expanded edition of Clinical Neuropsychology in Practice brings basic and recent findings in the field of clinical neuropsychology and clinical psychology.
The book is divided into two parts. The general part includes contributions on CNS neuroanatomy, brain imaging, basic cognitive functions, and the diagnosis of disorders in these areas. It is complemented by a paper on research methodology and statistical processing of neuropsychological data.
The special section, considerably larger in scope, is divided into several sections dealing with neuropsychological diagnosis in neurological and psychiatric diseases, rehabilitation of cognitive functions in these diseases, and possible neuropsychotherapeutic approaches. Some other areas of applied neuropsychology are also described, such as childhood issues, military neuropsychology and terrorism issues, and forensic neuropsychology. Also included are experimental and neuroscience contributions (the importance of sleep for our memory, digital technology in neuropsychological practice, fear of snakes and other "unpleasant" animals, the neuropsychology of lying).
Clinical Neuropsychology in Practice is currently the most extensive work presenting the state of applied clinical (neuro)psychology and diagnostics in this field in our country. It can be recommended to all neuropsychologists, clinical psychologists, physicians (neurologists, psychiatrists, rehabilitation physicians, geriatricians, etc.) and also to professionals in other fields, e.g. special educators, counselling psychologists, psychotherapists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists.