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Proti Benešovi!

Proti Benešovi!

Česká a slovenská protibenešovská opozice v Londýně 1939–1945

[Against Beneš! Czech and Slovak anti-Beneš Opposition in London in 1939–1945]

Kuklík, JanNěmeček, Jan

subjects: history – 20th century, political science and international relations

hardcover, 488 pp., 1. edition
published: february 2004
ISBN: 80-246-0777-8
recommended price: 450 czk



This monograph is first ever attempt by Czech authors to methodically analyse Czech and Slovak political groups which, during WWII, stood in opposition against President Edvard Beneš and the Czechoslovak exile government in Great Britain. Jan Kuklík and Jan Němeček pay attention to the most important personalities of anti-Beneš opposition like Milan Hodža, Štefan Osuský or Lev Prchala. They analyse the opposing trends among Czechoslovak communists and left-wing social democrats as well as the relation of Polish exile government and British politics towards anti-Beneš opposition. The authors seek for the answer to the question whether there was any real and trustworthy alternative to Beneš’s home and foreign policy during WWII.