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O komparativní politologii a současné české politice

O komparativní politologii a současné české politice

Miroslavu Novákovi k šedesátinám

[On Comparative and Contemporary Czech Politics]

Kubát, MichalLebeda, Tomáš a kol.

subjects: political science and international relations

paperback, 164 pp., 1. edition
published: april 2014
ISBN: 978-80-246-2479-2
recommended price: 180 czk



In 2013, Miroslav Novák, a Czech political scientist and university professor, turned sixty, which inspired representatives of the younger and middle generations of Czech political science to demonstrate their respect for his work. While some were the students of Miroslav Novák, others were not; all however respected him, some as their model, others as an outstanding and inspiring political scientist, whose work significantly influenced modern Czech political science. His was a non-normative, empirical, comparative approach, political science in line with ideas by Raynond Aron, Maurice Duverger and Giovanni Sartori; political science which focuses on the verifiability of facts, their logical and objective analysis, on finding the cause and effect; political science which uses clear theoretical terms and notions, based on clear arguments and correct reasoning; and last but not least, political science which strives to make its conclusions communicable, focusing on presenting its outcomes in a comprehensible manner, which is essential, yet, unfortunately, not always accomplished in this discipline.