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Dějiny umění Latinské Ameriky

Dějiny umění Latinské Ameriky

[The History of Art in Latin America]

Křížová, MarkétaBrenišínová, Monika

subjects: art, Latin American studies, history

paperback, 404 pp., 1. edition
published: february 2018
ISBN: 978-80-246-3175-2
recommended price: 420 czk



The History of Art in Latin America was conceived in the Center for Ibero-American Studies, Charles University, and is based on lectures delivered by the book’s authors. This publication, intended for students as well as the public at large, aims to present a basic overview of the history of art in this region and offer directions in its further study. It presents bibliography on the theme, prominent museums and galleries, and relations between the Czech Republic and Latin America in culture and arts. The exposition is accompanied by a glossary of terms and a rich pictorial supplement. It is the first book of its kind in the Czech book market.