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K identifikaci předpokladů v triatlonu

K identifikaci předpokladů v triatlonu

[Identifying Prerequisites for the Triathlon]

Kovářová, Lenka

subjects: sports and physical education – pedagogy

paperback, 166 pp., 1. edition
published: february 2013
ISBN: 978-80-246-2124-1
recommended price: 170 czk



The scholar covers the process of the selection of talented youth in endurance sports, particularly in triathlon. She strives to determine suitable indicators of physical endurance with a high correspondence with the given structure of the performance and which contribute to the intensification of the talent selection process.
Based on the definition of the performance structure in triathlon as an endurance sports activity, the scholar uses the factor analysis to verify the model of general prerequisites, thus creating a complex test profile. This is subsequently applied to several case studies. The work deals with the principal problem of selecting talents, particularly in adolescence, separating two determinants of training: innate abilities and the influence of interventions. Thanks to the use of the structural equation modelling (SEM), this work offers a complex view of the issue thus allowing for a detailed evaluation of variables and their relations.