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Německo-český a česko-německý archeologický slovník

Německo-český a česko-německý archeologický slovník

Košnar, Lubomír

subjects: history – auxiliary sciences, linguistics

paperback, 406 pp., 1. edition
published: june 2010
ISBN: 978-80-246-1757-2
recommended price: 355 czk



Lubomír Košnar's German-Czech and Czech-German archaeological dictionary is intended primarily for archaeology students, however, it is a useful tool for verifying technical terminology and comparisons even for experienced researchers, interested parties in related fields, and translators. It is written with the archaeology of the Central European region in mind, particularly with the inclusion of selected geographical names. Students will also appreciate the inclusion of some of the more common terms used in scientific language and a large selection of terms from fields related to archaeology (eg. anthropology, botany, geology, numismatics, etc.). A list of past and historical German names in the CR oriented towards sites with archaeological finds that should serve especially well when working with German archaeological and local history literature from the border areas.