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Psycholog ve zdravotnictví

Psycholog ve zdravotnictví

[Psychologists in the context of healthcare]

Kebza, Vladimír a kol.

subjects: psychology, medicine

e-book, 2. edition
published: june 2017
ISBN: 978-80-246-3658-0
e-book formats PDF
recommended price: 120 czk



The textbook, Psychologists in the Context of Healthcare, is intended for students of an eponymous course accredited by the Ministry of Healthcare of the Czech Republic. The successful completion of this course is the final step in acquiring expertise to become a psychologist specializing in healthcare-related issues, which they can gain through an accredited single-major master’s study in psychology.
This second, revised edition, written by a team of nine scholars, doctors and psychologists, brings a summary of information on the possible definitions of health and its determiners, on the organization and management of healthcare, on the role and importance of healthcare policies, and presents the main trends in the state of health of the Czech population, including their comparison to similar trends at the international level. One section summarizes the principles, procedures and practical recommendations when providing first aid and procuring healthcare in extraordinary and critical situations. It also pays attention to the demands on the content and principles of healthcare documentation. The book also includes an overview of the most important healthcare-related legal norms. In addition, it presents the basics of pharmacology, containing the effects of the active ingredients of medicines on the human organism, including drug interactions, their classification and potential side effects. Another section focuses on mental effects on the state of health, it presents starting points and main concepts in the changes of behavior, related to health, explains the principles of support and protection of health and presents evidence-based methods. It also emphasizes ethical questions of psychological practice in healthcare, which represent the beginnings and development of ethical thoughts in psychology, presenting an overview of ethical codes and introducing the Ethical Codex of the Czech-Moravian Psychological Association and the Meta-code of psychological ethics of the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA). At the end of the book, the scholars focus on defining conditions, course and results of healthcare practice, which is a mandatory part of the Psychologists in the Context of Healthcare course.