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Neuzavřený případ policejního konfidenta

[Sabina - An Unclosed Case of the Police Informer]

Kazbunda, Karel

subjects: Czech studies, history – 19th century

paperback, 518 pp., 1. edition
published: april 2006
ISBN: 80-246-1168-6
recommended price: 385 czk



The book covers the case of the most famous Czech police informer, but also the political radical and writer Karel Sabina (1813–1877). Karel Kazbunda (1882–1982), who wrote his work in the 1930s – the 1960s, was simultaneously coming to terms with the reality of the Protectorate and police collaboration in the era after the 1948 putsch. The unfinished work from Kazbunda's legacy was edited by Martin Kučera.