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History of Charles University I, II

History of Charles University I, II

Petráň, Josef

subjects: Charles University, history, Prague

hardcover, 888 pp., 1. edition
published: june 2001
ISBN: 80-246-0023-4
recommended price: 5570 czk


This two-volume publication stems from the four-volume Czech History of Charles University, published at the Karolinum Press from 1995 to 1998, which met with a wide public response and was awarded a range scientific and cultural awards. The book, in which more than thirty leading historians participated, gives an account of the basic development and the transformation of the university during a period spanning more than six centuries. It evaluates, and brings the reader closer to the meaning of Charles University in the history of the Czech lands and its influence on the development of Central European education. The work is based on the theme of the university as a unique cultural institute, as well as the history of individual faculties, the most important disciplines, the structure of the education and personalities of the professors. It depicts the lives of the teachers and students in an everyday as well as festive context. The work is equipped with a bibliographical list of historical resources and literature. The text is accompanied by a rich illustrative documentation, which is an integral part of the whole. The excellence of the text is made complete by the extraordinary polygraphical work in both volumes. The graphical layout by Professor Zdeněk Ziegler represents one of the top examples of contemporary Czech book design. The publication is intended for foreign readers interested in the history of Central Europe and the history of central European education.