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Browningová nebo Klášterský? Krásnohorská nebo Byron?

Browningová nebo Klášterský? Krásnohorská nebo Byron?

O rodu v životě literatury

[E. Barret-Browning or Klášterský? Krásnohorská or Byron? On Gender in the Life of Literature]

Kalivodová, Eva

subjects: literary criticism, gender studies

paperback, 250 pp., 1. edition
published: april 2011
ISBN: 978-80-246-1887-6
recommended price: 260 czk



Eva Kalivodová's work employs several of her long-term themes of interest: 19th-century Czech and English literature, with a few overlaps into the 20th century, translating and gender studies. It is the play of the multifaceted interaction, in which the scholar finds unexpected links offering new perceptions of concepts, notions and statements, traditionally anchored in the discourse of (seemingly) isolated disciplines, that makes this text almost an adventure.
Eva Kalivodová develops her concept of the "gender in the life of literature" from such perception of the category of gender, whose content is established or "occurs" at the time of each situation and in the mutual tension between both genders. Let us add that her text opens this path in a thought-provoking way, employing also the dynamics of the local and foreign in the network of the gender dynamics, followed on translations. It is the encountering the "foreign" and the process of its transfer to the local context, which can efficiently reveal the limits and character of our own self-understanding, and thus also gender self-understanding.
Zdeňka Kalnická