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A Handbook of modern business office

A Handbook of modern business office

Kaftan, Miroslav

subjects: language textbooks, economics and finance

paperback, 312 pp., 1. edition
published: may 2012
ISBN: 978-80-246-1984-2
recommended price: 285 czk



This textbook of business English guides the students through the operation of modern companies and corporations. It presents specific contemporary business terms used around the world from locations ranging from Prague, London, New York to Singapore. Individual chapters focus on everyday business tasks, such as looking for a job, starting a business, orders and contracts, transport, stock control, finances, presentations and many others. Chapters contain up-to-date articles, vocabulary lists, model situations, exercises and practical supplements. The graphical layout facilitates the clarity of exposition and memorization of the terms in English and in general allows for the structuring of economic themes.
The textbook is intended as a teaching tool in the hands of an experienced language instructor, however, it can be also used for self-study or as a source of specific vocabulary items.