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Moderní skandinávské literatury 1870-2000

Moderní skandinávské literatury 1870-2000

Kadečková, HelenaHumpál, MartinParente-Čapková, Viola

subjects: literary criticism

hardcover, 476 pp., 2. edition
published: november 2013
ISBN: 978-80-246-2395-5
recommended price: 160 czk



This book, compiled by three experts from the Charles University Faculty of Arts, for the first time in Czech presents a complete collection of the histories of all main modern Scandinavian literature, written in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Icelandic and Finnish. The authors place Scandinavian work in the wider social and literary-history context and provide a well-organized and synthetic picture of their most important developmental trends. At the same time they characterize principal works by all important Scandinavian writers, from the modern classical writers to the contemporary ones. The text is supplemented by a list of the Nordic Nobel Prize Laureates, winners of the Nordic Council's Literature Prize, and selected bibliography of Czech translations from Scandinavian literature. Second, revised and updated edition.