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The blood supply of the large intestine

The blood supply of the large intestine

Kachlík, DavidHoch, Jiří

subjects: medicine – anatomy

paperback, 316 pp., 1. edition
published: november 2008
ISBN: 978-80-246-1397-0
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A thorough description of macrocirculation and microcirculation in the area of the large intestine covers both the arterial and venous network. Classification of main arteries and their branches and veins and their tributaries, their course, types, arrangement and great variability different from anatomical atlas patterns are assorted and specified. The vasa recta, intramural plexuses and collateral circulations are described and discussed as well as the appendices omentales. The terminology of the intestinal vessels is unified. This publication is determined for anatomists, abdominal surgeons and postgraduate students.

table of contents

1 1. Surgical notes to the blood supply of the large intestine (written by JIŘÍ HOCH)
1.2. Blood flow disturbances in the gastrointestinal tract

2.1. History of circulatory system research with emphasis on large intestine vessels .
2.1.1. The beginnings
2.1.2. First steps to reveal the secrets of circulation
2.1.3. Discovering the secretof thecirculatorysystem
2.1.4. Improving methods of circulatory system injection
2.1.5. Descriptions and depictions of the intestine vessels
2.1.6. Further progress in variant anatomy and histology in 19th and 20th centuries
2.1.7. Specialized studiesfocusing on exploration of the regional blood supply of the large intestine

3.1. Anatomical terminology
3.2. Elementary anatomical text
3.3. Basic facts about the embryoIogy of intestinal vessels
3.3.1. Development of the intestinal arteries Arcus Bühleri
3.3.2. Development of the portai system
3.4. Clinical anatomy of the vascular supply of the large intestine

4.1. Macropreparation
4.1.1. Macroscopical techniques on anatomical cadaveric material
4.1.2. Macroscopical techniques on the dissection material
4.2. Angiography
4.3. Injection techniques
4.3.1. India ink injection
4.3.2. Resin corrosion injections Dentacryl Methylmetacrylate Mercox
4.3.3. Final processing
4.3.4. Conclusion
4.4. Histological processing and lightening techniques
4.5. The pros and cons of the gathered specimens
4.5.1. The pros and cons of the dissection material
4.5.2. The pros and cons of the resection material

5.1. Arteria mesenterica superior = Superior mesenteric artery
5.1.1. Arteria pancreaticoduodenalis inferior = lnferior pancreaticoduodenal artery
5.1.2. Arteriae jejunales et ileales = Jejunal and ileal arteries
5.1.3. Arteria ileocolica = lleocolic artery Ramus colicus arteriae ileocolicae = Colic branch of ileocolic artery Ramus ilealis arteriae ileocolicae = Ileal branch of ileocolic artery . Arcus ileocolicus = lleocolic arcade Arteria appendicularis = Appendicular artery Arteriae caecales = Caecal arteries Arcus caecocolicus = Caecocolic arcade Blood supply of the terminal ileum
5.1.4. Arteria colica dextra = Right colic artery
5.1.5. Arteria colica media = Middle colic artery
5.1.6. Arteria flexurae dextrae = Right flexure artery
5.1.7. Arteriae colicae accessoriae = Accessory colic arteries Arteria appendicularis accessoria = Accessory appendicular artery . Arteria colica dextra accessoria = Accessory right colic artery Arteria colica media accessoria = Accessory middle colic artery . .. . Ramus colicus accessorius = Accessory colic branch Ramus ilealis accessorius = Accessory ileal branch Arteriae caecales accessoriae = Accessory caecal arteries
5.1.8. Aberrant branches of the arteria mesenterica superior Hepatic aberrant branches of the arteria mesenterica superior . .. Other aberrant branches of the arteria mesenterica superior
5.2. Arteria mesenterica inferior
5.2.1. Arteria colica sinistra = Leftcolicartery
5.2.2. Arteria colica sinistra accessoria = Accessory left colic artery
5.2.3. Anastomosis intermesenterica = lntermesenteric anastomosis: Anastomosis magna Halleri = Arcus Riolani
5.2.4. Anastomosis accessoria intermesenterica Villemini = Accessory intermesenteric anastomosis
5.2.5. Arteria colica sinistra media = Middle left colic artery
5.2.6. Arteria colica sinistra inferior = Inferior left colic artery
5.2.7. Aberrant arteries in the area of the colon transversum and flexura coli sinistra
5.2.8. Arteriae sigmoideae = Sigmoid arteries
5.2.9. Griffiths' point
5.2.10. Toupeťs point
5.2.11. Arteria rectalis superior = Superior rectal artery
5.2.12. Sudeck's point
5.2.13. Arteria rectosigmoidea = Rectosigmoid artery
5.2.14. Sphincter rectosigmoideus O'Beirnei = Rectosigmoid sphincter
5.2.15. Arteria marginalis coli Drummondi = Marginal artery of colon
5.3. Arteria iliaca interna and its branches supplying the intestine
5.3.1. Arteria iliaca interna = Internal iliac artery
5.3.2. Arteria rectalis media = Middle rectal artery
5.3.3. Ligamentum laterale recti = Lateral ligament of rectum
5.3.4. Arteria rectalis inferior = Inferior rectal artery
5.3.5. Other sources of the rectum blood supply
5.4. Other vascular patterns connected with the intestinal blood supply
5.4.1. Truncus coeliacus = Coeliac trunk
5.4.2. Truncus coeliacomesentericus = Coeliacomesenteric trunk
5.4.3. Truncus coeliacobimesentericus = Coeliacobimesenteric trunk
5.4.4. Arcus Bühleri = Bühler's arcade
5.4.5. Blood supply of the omentum majus Arcus gastroomentalis = Gastroomental arcade Rami omentales anteriores = Anterior omental branches Arcus omentalis Barkowi = Omental arcade Rami omentales posteriores = Posterior omental branches
5.4.6. Connections of the omentum majus and colon transversum circulation . ..
5.4.7. Arteria mesenterica media = Middle mesenteric artery
5.4.8. Plexus retroperitonealis Turneri = Retroperitoneal plexus
5.4.9. Meandering mesenteric artery of Moskowitz

6.1. Vena mesenterica superior = Superior mesenteric vein
6.1.1. Vena ileocolica = lleocolicvein Venae ilealesterminales = Terminal ileal veins Vena colica dextra media = Middle right colicvein
6.1.2. Vena colica dextra superior = Superior right colic vein
6.1.3. Vena colica media = Middle colic vein
6.1.4. "Henle's trunk"
6.1.5. Vena gastroomentalis dextra = Right gastroomental vein
6.1.6. Vena pancreaticoduodenalis inferior anterior = Anterior inferior pancreaticoduodenal vein
6.1.7. Vena pancreaticoduodenalis inferior posterior = Posterior inferior pancreaticoduodenal vein
6.1.8. Vena pancreaticoduodenalis superior anterior = Anterior superior pancreaticoduodenal vein
6.1.9. Vena pancreaticoduodenalis superior posterior = Posterior superior pancreaticoduodenal vein
6.1.10. Arcus venosi pancreatici = Pancreaticvenous arcades
6.1.11. Venaejejunales et ileales = Jejunal and ileal veins ileales parvae = Small ileal veins Venae ileales = lleal veins Vena jejunoilealis intermedia = lntermediate jejunoileal vein ... Venaejejunales = Jejunal veins Venajejunalis prima = Firstjejunal vein Venajejunalis secunda = Secondjejunal vein Vena jejunalis tertia = Third jejunal vein
6.1.12. Surgical trunk of thevena mesenterica superior
6.2. Vena mesenterica inferior = Inferior mesenteric vein
6.2.1. Vena colica sinistra superior = Superior left colicvein
6.2.2. Vena colica sinistra inferior = Inferior left colic vein
6.2.3. Venae sigmoideae = Sigmoid veins
6.2.4. Vena rectosigmoidea = Rectosigmoid vein
6.2.5. Venae rectales = Rectal veins Plexus venosus rectalis = Rectal venous plexus Vena rectalis superior = Superior rectal vein Vena rectalis media = Middle rectal vein Vena rectalis inferior = Inferior rectal vein
6.2.6. Vena marginalis coli = Marginal vein of colon
6.3. Vena portae = Portal vein
6.3.1. Vena gastrica sinistra = Left gastric vein
6.3.2. Vena gastrica dextra = Right gastric vein
6.3.3. Vena cystica = Cystic vein
6.3.4. Venae paraumbilicales Sappeyi = Paraumbilical veins
6.3.5. Vena pancreatica dorsalis = Dorsal pancreatic vein
6.3.6. Vena splenica = Splenic vein Venae gastricae breves = Short gastric veins Vena gastroomentalis sinistra = Left gastroomental vein Venae pancreaticae = Pancreatic veins Vena pancretica inferior = Inferior pancreatic vein Vena gastrica posterior = Posterior gastric vein
6.3.7. Portal and paraportal jejunal veins

7.1. Collateral circulation between the arteries of the small and the large intestines
7.2. Venous collateral circulation
7.2.1. Anastomoses portocavales = Portocaval anastomoses

8.1. Vasa recta intestini tenuis = Straight vessels of the small intestine
8.2. Vasa recta intestini crassi = Straight vessels of the large intestine
8.2.1. Vasa recta longa = Long straight vessels
8.2.2. Vasa recta brevia = Short straight vessels
8.2.3. Communications between vasa recta
8.2.4. Clinical conséquences
8.2.5. Summary
8.2.6. Venae rectae = Straight veins

9.1. Plexus subserosus = Subserous plexus
9.2. Plexus submucosus = Submucous plexus
9.3. Plexus intermuscularis = lntermuscular plexus
9.4. Plexus mucosus = Mucous plexus
9.5. Summary and discussion

10.1.A, B - Pedicle (slim) type
10.2.1 - Short-based type
10.3. II - Long-based type
10.5. X - Narrow-based type
10.6. Blood supply
10.7. Clinical remarks