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Der alte Prager Judenfriedhof

Der alte Prager Judenfriedhof

Jeřábek, Lubomír

subjects: Jewish studies, architecture and urban studies, Prague

paperback, 96 pp., 1. edition
published: november 2009
ISBN: 978-80-246-1719-0
recommended price: 440 czk



A reprint of this charming book on the history of Prague's most famous cemetery, originally published in Czech and German versions in 1903. The exposition simultaneously covers the history of Prague's Jewish community and its prominent figures. It also describes the most interesting tombstones and presents both well-known as well as neglected legends and stories.
The book contains 23 full-page period photographs capturing the look and atmosphere of the cemetery at the "pre-tourist" time.
Dr. Lubomír Jeřábek (1864–1937) was a leading promoter of old Prague and campaigner against the redevelopment of the area. The text, valuable for its distinctive cultural and esthetic value, will undoubtedly give pleasure to anybody interested in the unique atmosphere of the living organism of old Prague.