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Farmaceuticky významné semenné rostliny

Farmaceuticky významné semenné rostliny

[Pharmaceutically important spermatophytic plants]

Jahodář, Luděk

subjects: science

hardcover, 360 pp., 1. edition
published: march 2022
ISBN: 978-80-246-4952-8
recommended price: 410 czk



Spermatophytic plants represent a substantial part of the global phytocoenosis, and their secondary metabolism produces an inexhaustible number of organic molecules, many of which have a beneficial effect on the human body, and which can be used as part of therapy or preventive medicine. The author follows the changes in the plant systemics and nomenclature in taxa represented in contemporary European pharmacopeia and EMA monographs over the past fifteen years, adding new types of plants that have earned the attention of pharmacists, doctors and other interested parties thanks to the research into this subject area. The book is accompanied by more than 250 original photographs.