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Fantastická data ve veřejné politice a jak je využít
SLON – Studijní texty

Fantastická data ve veřejné politice a jak je využít

[Fantastic Data in Public Policy and How to Use Them]

Hejzlarová, Eva M.Mouralová, MagdalenaŠtěpánková Štýbrová, Martina (ed.)

subjects: sociology, political science and international relations
series: SLON – Studijní texty

paperback, 538 pp., 1. edition
published: november 2023
ISBN: 978-80-246-5561-1
recommended price: 470 czk



The textbook presents an original approach to public policy and social science research generally. It does not concentrate on the entire research process, but presents data as one of the keys to understanding the problem of research. In addition to a general discussion of the specifics of various types of data from various sources and concrete tips for how to work with such data, the textbook also offers detailed examples. These examples are written in such a way as to reveal both the level of work with data in a given research context and also the personal reflections of individual researchers about their tasks (including their initial ambitions in confrontation with a real approach and result, their doubts, and their reflections about the experiences brought by the research)

A team of 31 authors collaborated on the preparation of the textbook. The first version of the chapters was evaluated by 17 students of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University – consequently the book is written with maximum comprehensibility and an emphasis on the it being a real support for all those who require orientation in social science (and especially qualitative) research. The book has a total of 15 chapters divided into five sections: Data Obtained from Specific Persons, Administrative Data, Data from the Media Space, Data from the Research Environment, Other Fantastic Approaches to Data and its Processing.

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