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Skrze postmoderní teorie

Skrze postmoderní teorie

[Through Postmodern Theory]

Hauer, Tomáš

subjects: Czech studies, literary criticism

paperback, 228 pp., 1. edition
published: october 2002
ISBN: 80-246-0545-7
recommended price: 225 czk



This publication begins with an explanation of the genealogical concept of Postmodernism and an analysis of French philosophical thought from Structuralism to Postmodernism. On the basis of these analyses the author outlines the Postmodern cultural turnaround and focuses on the role of public space in Postmodern society. The reader is introduced to the works of the French philosophers J. Derrida, J. F. Lyotard, G. Deleuze and J. Baudrillard, and Italian philosopher G. Vattim. This book is a readable and clear introduction to the issues associated with Postmodern thought.