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Žánry a průniky literatury faktu

Žánry a průniky literatury faktu

[Genres and intersections of non-fiction]

Halada, Jan (ed.)

subjects: literary criticism

paperback, 106 pp., 1. edition
published: december 2018
ISBN: 978-80-246-4128-7
recommended price: 180 czk



The Genres and Intersections of Non-Fiction collection contains contributions by leading experts and theoreticians focusing on non-fiction that were delivered at the conference focusing on this topic in October 2017 in the Minor Assembly Hall of Charles University. The conference was initiated by the Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University and the Club of Non-Fiction Literature.
It was not charged with the task of theoretically defining the genre of non-fiction, instead it strove to offer all participants a broad scale of styles, intentions and scientific, artistic and factual perspectives. Whether it is a stance originating in the national mentality, tradition, perception of the role of literature, journalism, in addition to creative responsibility, one’s own profession and theoretical research, authors and experts are faced by an important challenge. It is necessary to rely on the fundamentals and principles of this genre, to present and defend the truth of the past and present, to respect, verify and give space to facts, for it to have meaning and value. These contributions published as a book attest to an interesting attempt to confront views and opinions of non-fiction as well as its importance in today’s world.