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Hledání proluk

Hledání proluk

Bohumil Hrabal – analýzy a interpretace

[A search for vacant sites]

Goszczyńska, Joanna (ed.)

subjects: literary criticism

paperback, 186 pp., 1. edition
translation: Havránková, Marie
published: september 2019
ISBN: 978-80-246-4405-9
recommended price: 270 czk



The collection of works devoted to Bohumil Hrabal, A Search for Vacant Sites, strives to contribute to the discussion on the "Hrabal phenomenon,” which despite the already extensive literature on the subject keeps provoking a search for new values and a discovery of new contexts. Calls to contribute to this publication (and a preceding conference with a panel discussion of translators, which took place in Warsaw in 2014) were sent to representatives of all Polish institutions that focus on Bohemian studies and in particular on the research of the work of Bohumil Hrabal (J. Baluch, J. Zarek, A. Gawarecka, J. Czaplińska, J. Królak, J. Goszczyńska, K. Ćwiek-Rogalska, A. Kaczorowski, D. Bielec, and W. Soliński) as well as to Czech literary scientists and historians (J. Pelán, J. Češka, and T. Kubíček). The list of contributors was rounded out by two experts on and translators of Hrabal’s works from Italy and Spain (A. Cosentino and M. Zgustová).