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Filozofické souvislosti v literárním díle Sándora Máraiho

Filozofické souvislosti v literárním díle Sándora Máraiho

[The Philosophical Context in the Literary work of Sándor Márai]

Garbacik-Balakowicz, Magdalena

subjects: philosophy, literary criticism

paperback, 270 pp., 1. edition
published: august 2022
ISBN: 978-80-246-5034-0
recommended price: 350 czk



Sándor Márai (1900–1989), one of the leading representatives of Hungarian literature of the 20th century, is the author of extensive novels, non-fiction works and memoires. Thanks to his thorough reading and attention to the evolution of various philosophical influences (S. Freud, F. Nietzsche, J. Ortega y Gasset, O. Spengler), the author builds a coherent picture of Márai’s world, reveals the complexity of his ideas and even his own practical philosophy understood in the sense of phronesis. The book offers an interesting approach to interpreting Márai’s works, which over the last three decades have made for an unexpected career in the European literary scene.