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Ukrajinská pracovní migrace v Česku

Ukrajinská pracovní migrace v Česku

Migrace – remitence – (rozvoj)

[Ukrainian Migrant Workers in the Czech Republic]

Drbohlav, Dušan (ed.)

subjects: sociology

paperback, 284 pp., 1. edition
published: october 2015
ISBN: 978-80-246-2995-7
recommended price: 320 czk



This book revolves around money, the remittances that migrants earn abroad and subsequently send to their families in their home countries. In particular, it discusses the following questions: Where do these remittances come from? What is their weight in relation to income and other expenses? What are the conditions under which they are earned and what is the environment and the lifestyle of the migrant earning them? What does the period working abroad mean for the migrant? Which factors influence whether a worker sends remittances at all, and if so, in what amounts and what are they spent on in the migrant worker's home country? The book also addresses politics and measures taken to regulate migration and remittances, and offers statistics which provide more detailed information on migrants and their remittances. It also partially looks at development, of which migration and remittances are an integral part. The authors map the real situation for example through the use of analysis of Ukrainian migrant workers in the Czech Republic, primarily in and around Prague, the capital city. Generally, however, everything is framed by an overview of more generalized conditionalities on the global level and also by presenting specific relevant aspects of life in the Ukraine and the Czech Republic.