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Ti, kteří se starají

Ti, kteří se starají

Podpora neformální péče o seniory

[The Caretakers]

Dragomirecká, Eva a kol.

subjects: gerontology, social work

paperback, 320 pp., 1. edition
published: september 2020
ISBN: 978-80-246-4598-8
recommended price: 350 czk



Is the care for old parents an expected and respected value or is it a handicap that lowers the social status of the care? Is a diagnosis of dementia stigmatic? Are the financial demands of caretaking or the risk of the loss of work the main problem for caring families or do they struggle with the lack of time for care or with physical or mental difficulties related to the care? What is missing most in the system of the healthcare and social services in the Czech Republic? To what extent are the contemporary forms of support beneficial to caring families? These were the tasks of the research project „Evaluation of the needs of the family member scaring for senior citizens,” the results of which are presented in this book.