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Vědění a participace

Vědění a participace

Dlouhá, Jana

subjects: education, sociology

paperback, 228 pp., 1. edition
published: october 2009
ISBN: 978-80-246-1656-8
recommended price: 180 czk



How to come to terms with the current world in a period of revolutionary changes - when man is offered an unprecedented amount of new possibilities, but at the same time loses the existing sense of security, orientation points and values that he has relied on? And what about crises that have become an inescapable part of our fates, and have much to do with the loss of our roots, even cultural, or with the disruption of our attitude towards the natural environment? And so what to do about these uprooted individuals who are faced with not only changes in their social standing and functions, but are also undergoing an internal transformation affecting individual growth and decision making? Knowing and Participating tries to answer these and similar questions and at the same time to map out the current status of discussion on this topic. It does so from the viewpoint of Czech academic circles (for example Erazim Kohák, Jan Sokol, Radim Palouš, but also young and hitherto unknown authors), and this dialogue always leads towards contemplation over the possibilities to redress the current state through a transformation of man that can be accomplished by education.