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Historik v čele diplomacie: Kamil Krofta

Historik v čele diplomacie: Kamil Krofta

Dejmek, Jindřich

subjects: history

paperback, 397 pp., 1. edition
published: july 1998
recommended price: 250 czk



Dejmek,Jindřich: Historik v čele diplomacie (The Historian at the head of diplomacy ? Kamil Krofta)
The author, a member of the Institute of History, ASCR, thoroughly analyses problems faced by Czechoslovak diplomats. The period examined dates back to German remilitarization of the Rhineland and ends with the ?Munich Agreement?. Kamil Krofta, an eminent Czechoslovak historian, became Foreign Minister in 1936. The author bases his analysis on the study of documents that were for a long time locked in the archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The book culminates in a detailed description of the fatal September days in 1938.