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Krize a význam pomáhajících prvního kontaktu

Krize a význam pomáhajících prvního kontaktu

Aplikace v kontextu rodinného násilí

[Crisis and the Importance of the First Contact Helpers. Application in the Context of Domestic Violence]

Cimrmannová, Tereza a kol.

subjects: social work

paperback, 200 pp., 1. edition
published: april 2013
ISBN: 978-80-246-2205-7
recommended price: 220 czk



This publication is intended for professional helpers who were not trained in crisis intervention, however, in their work come into contact with people in serious situations and crises. What should we do as first-contact helpers? What should we avoid? What should be the minimum level of aid in the busy atmosphere of doctors’ offices, school staffrooms or police stations? This book contains applications in the context of domestic violence, on which essential aid can be well demonstrated. Individual chapters are devoted to philosophical and theological bases of understanding crisis and questions of their meaning in human life. This publication is also suitable for students of helping professions and for laymen.