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Souborné dílo Vladimíra Skaličky - 2. díl

Souborné dílo Vladimíra Skaličky - 2. díl

[Complete Works of Vladimír Skalička. Vol. 2]

Čermák, František a kol.

subjects: linguistics

paperback, 454 pp., 1. edition
published: june 2004
ISBN: 80-246-0734-4
recommended price: 345 czk



Second part of Complete Works of an eminent Bohemian linguist Vladimír Skalička comprises his studies from 1951-1963. This sum of papers and articles, originally published mostly in specialized magazines, collections and proceeding, mirrors the wide spectrum of Skalička?s interests in general and developmental linguistics; special attention is paid to typology of languages, but articles dealing with grammar are also included, as well as those dealing with the linguistic asset of Jan Amos Komenský. Although some of the studies are inevitably sealed by the period of their origin, their value and contribution for linguistics are undoubted and they are able to address today?s readers interested in language and linguistics.