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Souborné dílo Vladimíra Skaličky - 1. díl (1931-1950)

Souborné dílo Vladimíra Skaličky - 1. díl (1931-1950)

[Complete Works of Vladimír Skalička. Vol. 1 (1931-1950)]

Čermák, František a kol.

subjects: linguistics

paperback, 466 pp., 1. edition
published: april 2004
ISBN: 80-246-0549-X
recommended price: 345 czk



Editors lead by František Čermák have prepared a three-volume edition of complete works by Vladimír Skalička, the first professor of General Linguistics and the founder of the Finno-Ugric Department at Charles University in Prague, who was also an eminent Czech and Slav scholar and expert on many other languages. The first volume comprises Skalička?s texts from the years 1931-1950; the second one will publish his works from the years 1951-1994. The third volume will bring a complete bibliography of Skalička?s works.