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Jazyk a slovník

Jazyk a slovník

Vybrané lingvistické studie

[Language and Lexicon. Selected Studies in Linguistics]

Čermák, František

subjects: Czech studies, linguistics

paperback, 526 pp., 1. edition
published: september 2014
ISBN: 978-80-246-2660-4
recommended price: 430 czk



This comprehensive book, Language and Lexicon, presents a selection of studies taken from the author’s fifty years of reflection on languages, Czech and many others as well, presenting basic themes as well as those often neglected, however, primarily those standing outside the traditional purely grammatical perspective. This collection focuses mainly on areas of classical linguistics as well as, in the spirit of the "Prague” way of thought, also on the rarely addressed issue of appellation within the broad definition of lexicon. This selection of studies also includes sociolinguistic papers on language and its use, primarily presenting critical remarks on Czech prescriptivism, which is contrasted with spoken language, devoid of functional restrictions, including the broader framework of thought about European languages and attempts at the creation of an artificial language.