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Frekvenční slovník mluvené češtiny

Frekvenční slovník mluvené češtiny

Čermák, František a kol.

subjects: Czech studies, linguistics

hardcover, 514 pp., 1. edition
published: november 2007
ISBN: 978-80-246-1425-0
recommended price: 480 czk



This Frequency Dictionary of Spoken Czech is the very first dictionary of its kind, presenting authentic spoken Czech which is contrasted (often quite sharply) with standard Czech and written Czech. It shows how people really speak, that is without codification interventions and deformations. The dictionary is based on the Prague spoken corpus, which is based on socio-linguistically representative recordings of dialogues and which was annotated as to parts of speech, grammar, valency and stylistics and lemmatized, including multi-word lexemes, etc. The dictionary is accompanied by a CD containing the entire corpus equipped with a programme which enables the user to look up many other items in authentic contexts, in which the particular word is really used. It thus provides a remarkable possibility to study real spoken language in context, including statistic evaluations, which until now have not been available even for scientific or educational purposes.