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Beyond Decadence

Beyond Decadence

Exposing the Narrative Irony in Jan Opolský's Prose

Butler, Peter

subjects: literary criticism, Czech studies

paperback, 254 pp., 1. edition
published: september 2015
ISBN: 978-80-246-2571-3
recommended price: 490 czk



Jan Opolsky has long been considered to be little more than an epigon of the Czech Decadence. By detailed analysis of his prose, this book aims to show that Opolsky is a master of sustained narrative irony and an accomplished writer in his own right. Introduction brings an overview of Czech Decadent/Symbolist literature and art in an European perspective. The first monograph evaluates archival sources, private correspondence with other literary figures and includes classified bibliography of Opolsky.

table of contents

List of Illustrations

1. Biography
2. Introduction to the oeuvre
3. Critical opinion on the prose oeuvre
4. Irony
5. Introduction to the readings
6. Poledne
7. Pláč Nioby
8. Rubensova Zahrada lásky
9. Čínská povídka

10. Zrada
11. Conclusion

Classified Bibliography