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Trénink dětí a mládeže ve volejbalu

Trénink dětí a mládeže ve volejbalu

[Training children and youth in volleyball]

Buchtel, Jaroslav

subjects: sports and physical education – training

paperback, 148 pp., 2. edition
published: may 2023
ISBN: 978-80-246-5571-0
recommended price: 280 czk



This book aims to present broader knowledge on volleyball theory and practice related to children and youth. Its scope covers children aged 6 to 12 and the youth from 12 years of age (up to the age of 17 for girls and 18 for boys).
The introductory section contains excerpts from the rules of all five kinds of mini-volleyball and six-player volleyball. The ensuing chapters expand on the characteristics of game systems, combinations and individual activities in volleyball, including their practice and examples of preparatory and game exercises and types of games useful during training.
Each chapter concludes with diagnostics of game and volleyball skills. The text is complemented by illustrative examples, movement phases and photographs.
The book is a sequel to the books Theory and Didactics of Volleyball and Volleyball Practice, complementing them in their goal of contributing to the theoretical and practical didactic knowledge for practice and improvement in volleyball practice.
The book is primarily intended for students of sport games, specializing in volleyball, at the Faculty of Sport and Education, Charles University, teachers and coaches focusing on work with children and youth.