Kontrola, regulace a úprava jaderného zbrojení

Kontrola, regulace a úprava jaderného zbrojení

[Inspection, Regulation and Adjustment of Nuclear Armament]

Bříza, Vlastislav

subjects: political science and international relations

e-book, 1. edition
published: october 2013
ISBN: 978-80-246-2394-8
e-book formats PDF
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Nuclear weapons are among the most dangerous weapons of mass destruction and their potential employment would affect not only the countries under attack, but it could result in the destruction of the entire civilization on our planet. Their ominous power can be demonstrated by the fact the global nuclear arsenal of the mid-1980s presented 5,000 times more destructive power than that used during World War II.
Despite the end of the cold war, weapons of this type are owned primarily by its former protagonists - Russia and the USA. Russia owns approximately 5,000 strategic warheads, the USA 8,000 warheads, while the remaining approximately 1,000 warheads is distributed among France, Great Britain and China. Unlike the cold-war times, at present their number has continuously been reduced as a result of bilateral agreements between Russia and the USA, nevertheless, the remaining strategic warheads could still wipe out the entire human civilization. Moreover, the dismantled warheads have only been mothballed and in the case of any threat they can be reactivated in the course of days.
The presented text treats in detail three areas of a broad concept of nuclear disarmament - a ban on nuclear tests, formation of nuclear-free zones and prevention of the spread of nuclear weapons. Unlike in the agreements leading to a reduction in the number of nuclear weapons, treaties of other groups were strongly influenced by international organizations, primarily the UN. This monograph thus intends to provide an analysis of treaties from the point of view of the international law, inspections for compliance, and the role of the UN in the process of regulation and adjustments of nuclear armament.