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Atmosféra a klima. Aktuální otázky znečištění ovzduší

Atmosféra a klima. Aktuální otázky znečištění ovzduší

Braniš, Martin

subjects: science – environment

paperback, 352 pp., 1. edition
published: september 2011
ISBN: 978-80-246-1598-1
recommended price: 345 czk



This book, a work of a team of leading Czech experts on the environment, focuses on atmosphere, climate and the quality of air in a wide context exceeding the typical natural sciences view. Not only natural scientists but also economists, politicians and members of the lay public speak on the chemical and physical characteristics of air and their dynamics in the time of the changes of global climate and emissions of toxic substances into the air in cities and industrial agglomerations. This extensive textbook on the current state of the climate contains specialized chapters by authors with different backgrounds. The editors intended to allow readers to focus on different sections based on their interest and needs especially taking into consideration students and the technical public without deeper knowledge of physics, chemistry or mathematics. The book covers important aspects of air pollution and helps understand phenomena and processes in the earth's atmosphere, climatic changes and atmosphere protection in the global context including ecological policy in practice.