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Stoletá válka

Stoletá válka

[Hundred Years’ War]

Bove, Boris

subjects: history – medieval
series: Medieval Studies

paperback, 228 pp., 1. edition
translation: Lockenbauer, Jan
published: september 2021
ISBN: 978-80-246-4772-2
recommended price: 310 czk



Boris Bove presents the Hundred Years’ War as a mental construct, which strives to conceptually grasp the repeated conflicts between the kingdoms of France and England, which took place between the 1290s and 1450s. This long crisis is viewed as a side-effect of the transition to a new social order, which gave rise to representative institutions, such as the Estates General. At the same time, he interprets the Hundred Years’ War as a milestone in the history of the monarchy, because as a result of its length, the fragile nature of the Valois family, the suffering of the population and the English occupation, it boosted the feeling of affiliation to the French nation. It thus subsequently laid the foundations of a nation-state, which was formed through the 19th century.

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