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Kapitoly z forenzní psychologie

Kapitoly z forenzní psychologie

[Chapters in forensic psychology]

Boukalová, HedvikaGillernová, Ilona a kol.

subjects: psychology, medicine – psychiatry

paperback, 436 pp., 1. edition
published: august 2020
ISBN: 978-80-246-4461-5
recommended price: 480 czk



Forensic psychology is an applied psychological discipline, employed in situations when individuals become the subject of civic and criminal relations. It studies the behavior and experience of people in situations regulated by law.
This book takes a broader look at the issue of crime, including both the commission and solving of crimes. It includes both offenders and victims, while also paying attention to investigators and their interaction with participants in criminal procedures, and focusing on the psychological context of individual procedural steps. It selects methodological and diagnostic procedures related to criminal investigations, adding current topics and the context of practical applications. It describes psychological aspects of injury of the victim of a violent crime, providing information on the criminal thinking of offenders. Several chapters are devoted to children and their testimonies as well as adolescents as offenders. Offenders are examined in the situation of the commission of crimes, but also during the investigation, testimony of expert witnesses before the court, prosecution while remaining in custody, during the court proceedings and final sentencing, and finally when serving their sentences.