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Lidský obličej

Lidský obličej

Vnímání tváře z pohledu kognitivních, behaviorálních a sociálních věd

[Human Face. A Perception of the Face from the Perspective of Cognitive, Behavioural and Social Sciences]

Blažek, VladimírTrnka, RadekHavlíček, JanLindová, JitkaKotrčová, AnnaPivoňková, Věra

subjects: psychology, anthropology and ethnography, sociology

paperback, 290 pp., 1. edition
published: march 2009
ISBN: 978-80-246-1556-1
recommended price: 275 czk



The book focuses on the human face from psychological, biological and anthropological perspectives. It covers such important areas as the appearance of the human face and its parts, mechanisms of the perception of the face on neurophysiological, cognitive-psychological and developmental levels, expressions of emotions and other facial expressions or the importance its perception for interpersonal relationships and communication. The publication pays special attention to the attractiveness of the face – which features we consider attractive, how important attractiveness is for us and whether and how the personality and physical features of the face are related and how successful we are at judging personal qualities based on the face. The work also includes an overview of the historical interest in and approach to the face study. In general, the publication is primarily a unique summary of the contemporary international scientific research on the topic, to which the authors also considerably contributed. Its synoptic character will undoubtedly appeal not only to experts, a wider scientific public and students of relevant fields, but also anybody interested in understanding the human face.